from by Jibril



I want ten dollars I want to spit real sick,
I want everybody to be in love with, my dope shit
Admittedly at times I want to quit, find a five story building and jump out of it
I want my ex back and X Box and a couple kids
I want a couple songs on a couple radios and a couple kicks and a couple drinks
I want to be a couple again (I probably jinxed that shit)
I want her to see my wrongs, than let go of it
I want a real dad and... not just a father
Not tall enough to be a baller I want to ball regardless i'm empowered to be the Jordan of the city of flowers I want to exit the cowl of the owl of the tower
Always wanted to have superpowers still love her, but want to try supermodels
I want to devour flour expensive bread and Repasado
I want an auto mostly hollow the colour of Colorado I want tomorrow to hold weight like she swallowed a key and walked though customs in Chicago that's promise
I want to harness the heat of the hottest August and drop so that this novice can thicken his pockets through A&Rs with corporate wallets

I want a drop top top off topped off with crop tops girls taking they tops off dames and champagne that pops off
But how long does it take to pop off?
I'm a storm trooper in a stupor my aim is Cobain, vices have me doubled stress has me stubbled
Sometimes I wrestle with my demons and other times we just cuddle
Sometimes I feel a muzzle duffel and a minute thirty hustle a muffled scuffle robbing the bank would be a lot less trouble than my struggle, that's right
I want God to see my drive, than put gas in the tank
I want to live like rich artist but i'm drawing a blank
I want to turn up, but my pockets ain't down
I want a round of applause but the critics got claws
Look I want the whole world in my palm like a peach I mean I want the whole
world dawg and it's finally in reach, peace
- Jibril


from i, released June 30, 2017
Produced by G. Cal
Written and Performed by Jibril
Recorded at PHS Entertainment Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Punisher & TQ



all rights reserved


Jibril Toronto, Ontario

Flower City's finest, infusing classic Hip-Hop essence with a fresh new vibe

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